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Lets talk about driveway paving in Dublin. I will explain to you what it is, what it involves and what are the benefits to it vs other types of surfaces for your driveway in Dublin.

What is Driveway Paving

Driveway paving is block paving that is laid on your driveway. Block paving comes in various shapes, colours, textures and sizes for laying on your driveway.


The most common form of block paving is 50mm paving. It is used on most forms of driveways and garden areas. It is thick enough to be a durable product that can easily withstand the weight of a car.

Style wise, paving in Dublin is available in various shapes and it depends on the laying style you are looking for. The two most common laying styles are offset paving and herringbone paving. The latter comes with a standard block that is uniformly made and is the same size.

The former type of paving, generally known as Tegula or Lismore paving, is laid offset and normally in 3 different sizes to help you offset it a bit easier. It is slightly more expensive than standard paving and its a matter of preference as both are made the same way.


Textures vary between smooth, rough and tumbled block paving. Again all made the same with the tumbled ones put inside what is effectively a large drum and rolled / banged around to give them an aged tumbled look.

Benefits Of Driveway Paving

Driveway paving has multiple benefits over other types of surfaces. It is very easy to maintain with just having to wash it down once or twice a year. If a block breaks, you can easily replace it with another paving block of the same type.


If you have a dip or a bump, you can lift up the area, fix the base of the driveway and relay back down your block paving on top of it.

You should buy yourself a bag of kiln dried sand, which is used for the jointing of the paving, and keep it for when you wash down the driveway so you can top the joints back up.


If you had picked a tarmac driveway or a concrete driveway, its a different story when it comes to maintenance or to repairs. Repairing tarmac is impossible without it looking patchy. Concrete is the same.

You can easily see when it comes to paving, why paving in Dublin has become so much more popular than other forms.


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